Radio Station
The Communication Reserve maintains a complete radio station at the Butte County Sheriff's Office in Oroville, California. In the event of an emergency or deployment that calls for the Communication Reserve's deployment, we are able to activate our station if needed.

Our station includes access to Butte County's public service radio system as well as amature radio frequencies, which have been demonstrated in past nationsl disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, to be the most reliable form of communication when there is extensive damage to infrastructure.

Com Reserve members receive extensive training in operating this equipment and check in weekly to the Cal EMA emergency traffic net, which links emergency resources throughout the state using amateur radio HF frequencies.

  Communications Reserve radio station at the Butte County Sheriff's Office
  HF amateur radio is connected to an inverted "V" antenna which is hung off the side of the main communications tower. Our station call sign on amateur frequencies is W6SCR.
  Main communications tower at BCSO which supports Com Reserve's HF antenna and 3 fiberglass Comet VHF/UHF antennas and inverted V for HF which allow for county-wide and statewide communications.
  Telex ROIP console allows access to remote county and interop frequencies.