The Communication Reserve is able to provide a variety of communications solutions to any agency that makes the request. The unit operates and maintains a variety of vehicles and equipment to provide these services. All equipment is available for response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and members routinely train and operate our equipment on a regular basis.

Comm 2

Com 2 is our flagship vehicle. It's an International four wheel drive truck that's been outfitted to perform as a portable Comm Center, able to communicate with any agency on nearly every radio band available. Features include:

  • Project 25 and narrowband compliant VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz radios
  • Amateur Radio VHF, UHF and HF station
  • Marine, CB, and Red Cross Lowband radios
  • 7kw Diesel Generator
  • 50 foot pneumatic mast
  • 500 watt Halogen Scene Lights
  • 200 watt Public Address system for radio rebroadcast
  • Dual airconditioners
  • Custom tactical antenna patch panel
  • Portable 2 channel repeater
Comm 3
Comm 3 is a fast-response SUV that transports people, equipment, and supplies to incidents. Part of its mission is to be a platform for our portable equipment and our Doppler System. No, our doppler system does not show current weather. It allows us to locate interfering transmitters with a state-of-the-art computerized system.
Kenwood Portable VHF Repeater
Interoperability Unit
Interoperability Unit provides an interface to tie together several radios on different bands. This is used when non-compatible agencies, who operate on different bands, need to communicate with an incident on a common band. The Comm Reserve has interop cables to interface with Kenwood, Bendix King, Motorola and EF Johnson radios.
Dopper RDF
Our Doppler Radio-Direction-Finder can quickly locate the source of a radio transmission by means of measuring the time a signal is received between four antennas. This device can be used for several missions, including locating Personal and Emergency Locator Beacons, lost or missing radio equipment being used by jammers, or to simply locate where an RF source is coming from.
Port-a-Stations are a simple Radio, Power Supply, and antenna package ready to be deployed on a moment's notice. These stations can be set up at an EOC, Staging Area, office, or anywhere reliable, powerful communications is needed.
HT Charging Stations
HT Charging Stations are available for incidents that can last for several operational periods. Banks of battery chargers can help refresh depleted radio batteries, or make sure replacements are ready for field personnel. Bendix King and Kenwood chargers are available.