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The Sheriff's Communication Reserve
Founded over two decades ago, the Butte County Sheriff's Communications Reserve (BCSCR) unit is staffed by over 15 volunteer communication specialists. They provide emergency communications for both the Sheriff's Department and other agencies in both Butte and adjoining counties. Providing communications to Search and Rescue and to Sheriff's Office operations in Butte County's back country, providing communications support to multi-agency events such as the annual tube float on the Sacramento River and providing needed communications during wildfires in the area are just a few examples of what BCSCR does.

The unit is self-supporting and operates under the Amateur Radio Civil Emergency Service Regulations (RACES). Members hold Department of Justice clearances and receive additional law enforcement communications training. Members of the Communications Reserve Unit are not peace officers, and serve in a non-sworn support role as first responder communication specialists.

The unit is also an IRS 501c3 tax exempt organization which accepts tax deductable donations. You can make a donation online. Just visit our DONATE page for complete instructions. The group is also seeking working radio equipment, power supplies, and antennas. This is a great way to get rid of old gear, that perhaps was once used by a family member. The equipment is put to good use here in Butte County and you get a receipt for the donation for your tax preparer.

Communication Reserve is looking for new members. If you can pass a complete DOJ background check, have an interest in communications and time to give to your community, this might be a great opportunity to find out more about the Sheriff's Communication Reserve.

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